With a large outlay, Prestige Boat Syndicates realises the importance of scheduled & preventative service and maintenance for your boat share or yacht share in Sydney. We call upon reputable and professional tradespeople and oversee all works carried out. We keep records of all contractors that have been engaged for your ease and guarantee that a high standard of workmanship is employed at all times. The boat will be anti-fouled annually with a quarterly hull dive. Depending on engine hours, servicing will take place as required for your boat.


Prestige Boat Syndicates understands that cleaning often takes away from your valuable boat timeshare experience. Our cleaning service ensures that when you have booked a day out, you will arrive to find the boat clean and in perfect condition. In addition, Prestige Boat Syndicates have a scheduled detailing programme making sure that the syndicated boat remains in pristine condition.


Skippers can be arranged for your day out on the Sydney Harbour with advance notice. Prestige Boat Syndicates uses reputable and experienced skippers, allowing you to switch off and relax with family and friends. Our qualified skippers are extremely knowledgeable about Sydney Harbour and will make sure that your Sydney boating day out will be a fun and pleasurable experience. Your skipper will be on hand to meet your every need and help with anything from cooking the BBQ to ensuring the boat remains in tip-top condition, making your boating experience hassle-free.


Prestige Boat Syndicates takes pride in providing a team of experienced skippers to build and develop your boating skills. Prestige Boat Syndicates streamlines its training to suit the needs of each individual to ensure that you are fully equipped to handle anything a day out on the harbour can bring. We make sure that before you take the boat out on your own, you are competent in the following skill sets: manoeuvring, anchoring, berthing, navigation, and safety. You must complete a separate training session for night navigation to be able to take advantage of your boat share in the evening.


Re-fuelling your Boat Share can be monotonous and time-consuming. Prestige Boat Syndicates will take this burden away from you and will ensure that your boat is fueled ready for your day out whenever your share is booked. All usage of fuel is recorded and billed on a fortnightly or monthly basis.


Prestige Boat Syndicates can provide a number of catering options for your boat share experience from simple finger food to an onboard chef. Your desired beverages can be arranged to be onboard upon arrival and chilling on ice. We kindly ask that as much notice as possible is given in advance for your boat share.


We offer a “Walk on Walk off” service for your Boat Syndicate that includes preparing the boat before departure, hosing it down, clearing all garbage, and safely securing it on return. Prestige Boat Syndicates also makes your Sydney boat share experience hassle-free by: Coordinating with tradesman and all services required on the boat, Regular communication with all shareholders regarding any issues and to ensure complete satisfaction, conducting all administration, managing all accounts and the payment of all bills, oversee all engine hours and fuel logs and refuelling, documentation of all works carried out on the vessel, supervise all works carried out on the vessel.