Frequently Asked Questions

You own the boat..You aren’t part of a syndication that has a percentage share in a company trust that owns the boat.
All the above can be arranged as long as Prestige Boat Syndicates is given notice in advance. We use reputable skippers and caterers to make sure your day on the boat is an enjoyable and satisfying experience.
An average day out on Sydney Harbour can vary depending on the amount of running time you do. Generally a day on Sydney Harbour can cost between $100-$200 depending on where you go and what you do.
It depends on what fractional ownership you own in the boat. A 1/6 ownership gives you a maximum of 60 days plus stand by days. Your usage also depends on whether you use the boat on weekends, weekdays or Public Holidays.
Before taking the boat out yourself all boat owners will have to complete a driver training programme.
Yes you can. You will however be required to take an additional driver training programme at night.
For all syndicated boats you will require a NSW general boat licence.
When you join a syndication you will be given security access to the Boat Equity 24 hour online booking system allowing you to book your time on the boat.
Each syndication may vary. Prestige Boat Syndicates can syndicate boats between 4 and 10 owners. Generally we like to keep to a formula of 6 owners per boat.
You pay for your fuel used. In addition if there are any repairs due to an accident or negligence then there will be costs that can’t be recovered in relation to the insurance policy.
Prestige Boat Syndicates takes care of all management of the boat. We have experience staff who look after your investment. We have schedule maintenance and cleaning programmes.
All syndicated boats under Prestige Boat Syndicates will not be restricted to a set term. In addition, each owner has the right to exit the syndication at any time. In the event of an owner either wanting to sell an existing share, to upgrade, or exit the syndication*, there will be an associated commission based fee. *An owner is able to exit the syndication once a replacement has been found, through Prestige Boat Syndicates advertising the vacancy.